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Good Dog! Playcare offers daily playgroups in a private, handcrafted, 2800-square foot indoor-outdoor play space at the base of Bernal Hill.
We are currently accepting dogs in the 20-50 lb weight range, and we only accept dogs who genuinely enjoy the company of dogs!
Good Dog! Playcare offers a unique experience in daycare. We pick the dogs up at your home and take them to our place to play for 4 hours. By the time we drop them back off, they are out of the house for 5-6 hours! 
We have a high handler-to-dog ratio, so your pup will get plenty of human attention as we reinforce good manners and healthy play using positive reinforcement training principles.
5 days per week $825 per month 
4 days per week $700 per month
3 days per week $550 per month
Per-day cost breaks down to $39.44, $41.58, and $44.00 respectively, based on yearly averages of 251 days, 202 days, and 150 days. Sibling discount available!

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